Does Your Club Know What It Owns?
by Douglas Gerlach

Many investment clubs are always on the lookout for educational activities that can liven up club meetings. Here's an idea that will test your club members' knowledge of the club portfolio and give you an opportunity to discuss your club's individual holdings and overall portfolio in a new light.

First, create a worksheet with five columns and the following headings:

  • Name of Stock
  • Ticker Symbol
  • Industry Group
  • Size of Company (Small, Mid, Large)
  • Dividends?

    Then add enough rows to accommodate all the stocks in the club's portfolio (but don't fill in the names of the stocks). Add a couple of extra lines to throw off your fellow club members, too!

    Before the treasurer's report is distributed at your meeting, give each member of your club a copy of the quiz to see how well they know just what companies the club owns. They should fill in the name of each stock, its symbol, the industry group it belongs to, how big the company is (if it's a small, mid-sized, or large company), and if it pays dividends.

    You can make the quiz harder or easier, if you like. For instance, you might ask everyone to list the exchange on which the stocks are listed.

    After everyone has had enough time to complete the test, review each answer with the group. I'll bet that no one gets a 100 on the exam. The objective is to get people to think about the companies in the portfolio, and refresh their awareness of the stocks that you own. And you might have a little fun in the process, too!