Is There Software Available to Assist in NAIC's Method of Stock Selection?
by Douglas Gerlach

Q. Is there suitable software available anywhere to assist in implementing NAIC's method of evaluating stocks?

A. NAIC sells three separate programs that have been created to aid in stock analysis using the Stock Selection Guide: NAIC Investor's Toolkit, STB Stock Analyst Plus, and NAIC Classic.

NAIC Investor's Toolkit is an excellent software program for stock selection and analysis. The manual alone is an invaluable teaching aid. STB Stock Analyst Plus provides advanced analysis techniques and additional functions for stock analysis and portfolio management. And NAIC Classic is a teaching tool, complete with wizards that can be disabled as you grow proficient with the software and the investing methodology behind it.

You can learn more about the programs on their various web sites, as well as download demo versions so you can choose the best program for your tastes and needs.