Bonus Materials
Investment Clubs for Dummies We couldn't pack all the info in the book, so here are some more references, links, articles, and advice with even more information on running a successful investment club.

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Stock Watcher Report
During your meetings, your club members should use a form like this to report on the stocks that they're following for the club.
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Club Activities
Club meetings don't have to be humdrum, tedious events. You can inject some fun into your meetings with fun and educational activities.
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State Agencies
Make sure your club understands the filing and tax requirements in your state with the directory of state departments and agencies.
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SSG Tutorial
Help your club learn how to complete NAIC's Stock Selection Guide (SSG) with Doug's popular SSG Tutorial.
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Investment Club Brokerage Survey
Find the best online brokerage for your club in the Brokerage Survey.
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Web Site Directory
Check out the terrific investment club-related web sites in the Web Site Directory.
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Ask Doug
Got a question about running or starting a club? Check out the collection of articles, or Ask Doug directly!
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