Investment Clubs for Dummies
Club Crossword Puzzle #1
Created by Douglas Gerlach

1. Shareholder's portion of profits
2. NAIC's stock analysis tool (Abbrev.)
3. ____________ market
7. Single unit of stock
8. Securities firm
10. ______________ analysis
14. Fee that increases your basis when you buy
16. Worth of a company's assets
17. World's largest stock market
1. It reduces risk
2. Company classification
4. You're in one now
5. Common valuation measure of a stock
6. In investing, a collection
9. Price at which you'll sell a stock
11. Unit of a company's profits (Abbrev.)
12. Electronic stock marketplace
13. Recent price of a stock
15. This measures management's investing ability
16. Price at which you'll buy a stock

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