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Pinebrook Park

Location: Stroudsburg, PA (Monroe County)
Placed by: Silent Doug and Golden Eagle
Date Placed: June 15, 2002
Terrain: Easy
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20 minutes

Pinebrook Park is located along Broadhead Creek in Stroud Township, on Route 191 north of Stroudsburg, just south of the intersection of Routes 191 and 447. The park is open daily from dawn till dusk, and pets are allowed on leash (poop scoop laws are in effect). Park in the South parking lot.

A field of dreams?
The grass is always greener on the other side.
Hop the fence (or use the gate)
and set your sights on powerful twins.
Put some energy in your step and hike to meet the pair.
But don't stop to say hello,
it's only now you can see your goal:
Follow its directions, and across a bridge you'll traipse,
to find a gravelly path (soon turned to grass).

Straight ahead a dead end lurks.
Better to bridge the turning point
(or turn the bridging point, or point the bridging turn --
you'll figure it out with no delay.)
Listen! Hear the nearby creek's raging rapids roar?
And the "Clomp, clomp, clomp" of footsteps on wooden planks?
Better by far than the "squish, squish" of mud-laden boots in this marshy mess!

The trail sprouts offshoots to the right every so often.
Ignore these unless you're seeking a fisherperson instead of a letterbox.
Continue to the field where picnickers frolic,
and hold to the right when the path begins to vanish.
Soon enough the ruts will appear again to show you the way
once again into the woods.

The trail divides, but it's the trail marker you seek.
(Be sure to look over your shoulder as to not miss this landmark.
From the sign, walk 15 steps on the now-familiar Brodhead Creek Trail
(a bearing of about 70 degrees).
Turn left on a grassy trail, and proceed 27 paces to the next junction.
Take neither, and look to your right to the natural archway marking a narrow pathway.
Duck, and enter this secret grove.
Past two young oaks and two leaning trees you'll amble,
Until you spy a stout, healthy, middle-aged oak on your right.
A rock cairn at its base holds your prize.

Return to the trail marker, and take neither marked trail,
But rather veer to the left, and return to where you began.

1 Pick a foot (left or right), step forward with the other foot, and count one pace each time your choosen foot hits the ground.
2 Watch out for poison ivy and crawly creatures.
3 Replace the box carefully in its hiding place after you've stamped in.

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Silent Doug: P07 F32 X04 E00

© Copyright 2002 Douglas Gerlach