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Soft Block Carving Material

 STAMPEAZ PZ Kut, an inexpensive pure white vinyl carving block that is firm, smooth and creamy, and does not crumble.

Order from April Pease's STAMPEAZ

 Nasco Safety Kut. White, 3/8" thick, in a wide variety of sizes.
 Nasco Softoleum is the same as Safety-Kut but thinner (only 1/4" thick)
Staedtler® Mars Plastic Erasers. White. These are widely available and preferred by many carvers. However, the "Grand" size can be hard to find.

Order from OfficeDepot.com

Staedtler® Mastercarve, a soft vinyl material that cuts "like butter", yet holds small details and fine lines without breaking off or crumbling. You can easily transfer your own designs. Five sizes are available.
 Speedball Speedy-Stamp, pink, 1/4" thick, available in various sizes, easily picks up ink from printed or drawn designs.
 Speedball Speedy-Cut, white, 1/2" inch thick, very crumbly.
Sanford® Pink Pearl® Nonabrasive Erasers, Large. These are the kind you used in grade school. Might be too crumbly for your taste, though some carvers prefer them. Good for practicing.

Order from OfficeDepot.com

Dixon® Pink Eraser. Large. Another variety of eraser, similar to the Pink Pearl.

Order from OfficeDepot.com

Eberhard Faber Art Gum® Eraser. Available in art and office supply stores, but generally too crumbly to carve easily.

Order from OfficeDepot.com

Sanford® Vinyl Magic Rub® Erasers. White, 1" x 2 1/4", white with black printing on one side.

Order from OfficeDepot.com

 White vinyl erasers, usually about 2 1/2" x 3/4" x 1/2". Available at office supply stores, discount stores and art supply stores. While these may seem inexpensive (a buck for a two-pack), it's usually much more cost effective to buy a sheet of any soft block material.

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