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Stamp Pads
Some letterboxers look xfor ink pads that are acid-free and pigment-based, rather than dye-based. Pads with a raised inking surface can accomodate large stamps -- just move the stamp on the pad until its surface is completely inked. Office supply stores typically carry a minimal selection of pads and colors, while a large arts supply store can offer a variety of colors from which you can choose.
Stamp It Dye Ink PadsStamp It Dye Ink Pads.
These child-safe inks are the industry standard for dye-based rubber stamping inks. Developed for high resolution paper stamping, they provide an artistic watercolor effect while drying rapidly even on glossy paper. Easy-to-remove hinged lid. 1¾" x 3" pads in various colors.

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Ranger Archival Ink Stamp PadsRanger Archival Ink Stamp Pads.
Manufactured with fade-resistant dyes in a non-toxic, acid free, waterproof system. Won't deteriorate paper or photos, and won't bleed when painted over with watercolors or water based markers. Smudge resistant. All colors are 2½" x 3¾", except Jet Black which is 5" x 6½".

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Carters Felt Stamp Pads.
Re-inkable felt stamp pads are longer lasting than foam. Provides clear, quality impressions. Leak-proof and rust-resistant case. Comes in three different sizes: 2¾" x 4¼", 3¼" x 6¼", 4¼" x 7 ½.

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Carters Micropore Stamp Pads
Never need re-inking. Unique pad delivers even ink flow that provides sharp, clean reproduction of detail. Long lasting. Container is impact-resistant and will not rust, crush or cut fingers. Not compatible with photopolymeric stamps. Comes in two different sizes, 2¾" x 4¼", 3¼" x 6¼".

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Personal Journals
Your journal is your own, so make it unique! Buy one that fits with your personality, or make one by adding your own cover to a high-quality sketch pad.
Handmade Leather Journal.
Blank handmade journal measures 8¼" x 5½", with 320 unlined pages. This simple yet elegant design comes either in burgundy or brown color with an "old world" look binding. It's made by Turkish craftsmen called "mucellit," master bookmakers who use the finest leathers, natural binding materials and a special ironing process to provide the highest grade products.

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Small Leather Journal with Strap.
Black leather journal with strap is designed to be carried and used everywhere you go because of its convenient size(4" x 5½") and professional binding. Made by Turkish artisans using finest leather and binding materials, with 320 unlined pages.

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Strathmore 400 Series Hard Bound Sketch BookStrathmore 400 Series Hard Bound Sketch Book.
A general purpose sketch paper for experimentation or perfecting techniques. Acid free, 60 lb. lightly textured paper works well with pencil, pen, crayon and charcoal. 192 pages in hardbound black cover for permanent storage. 5½" x 8½".

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Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper PadStrathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper Pad
Acid-free, cream colored 80 lb. drawing paper ideal for sketching, readily accepts pen & ink, pencil, crayon, charcoal, light washes and markers. Its non-reflective surface and uniform formation make it especially suited to line drawings and technical artwork. Spiral bound, 4" x 6", 24 sheets per pad.

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