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August 03, 2003
About JustMints.com
Yes, it's true -- you've found an entire site devoted to mints! Breath mints, mint candies, mint flavors -- if you're looking for a minty-fresh feeling in your mouth, you can find it here!

Table of Contents:

  • Mints Guide. A directory of mints available on the market, along with web sites, reviews, and other information.

  • Mints Poll. Tell us your opinions!

  • Mints Facts. Interesting stories and tidbits about the world of mints.

  • Buy Mints Now. Order online from Candy Direct, the world's largest online candy store.

  • Contact Us. Do you have a mint anecdote you'd like to share? Or perhaps a suggestion for a way we can make this site better, or a web site of interest to mint lovers? Let us know!

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