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July 14, 2003
The "Curiously Strong Mint" is one of the best-selling non-chocolate candies in the country, not least of all because of its memorable ad campaign.

The popular advertising campaign for Altoids mints suggests that the product hails from a longstanding historical tradition of quality mint manufacturing -- which isn't actually far from the mark. A London confectioner named Smith & Company created a strong lozenge during the reign of King George III, with the aim of helping to relieve intestinal discomfort. They named the mint "Altoids" (perhaps from the Greek "Alt," to change, and "-oid," taking the form of).

In the 1920s, the company actually began using the phrase "curiously strong" in its advertising, claiming that "Altoids act as an antidote to poisons in the stomach. One or two taken after meals will stop any poisonous fermentation." For over a century, Altoids were promoted as a "stomach calmative."

Prior to the 1920s, Altoids were packaged in cardboard boxes. The distinctive tins were introduced during the 20s, and have been beloved ever since. Though the tins aren't recyclable at your community recycling center, they make great containers for everything from paper clips to jewelry to fishing tackle to sewing supplies.

In 1918, Altoids premiered in the United States, in Seattle. The company claims that the west coast of the U.S. is more amenable to the strong flavor of Altoids. Today, though, Altoids are available in nearly every metropolitan U.S. market -- in fact, the U.S. is the company's largest market! You can also find Altoids in Germany, Canada and Japan.

Today, Altoids are made with the same recipe as they were one hundred years ago, by Callard & Bowser-Suchard Inc., in their plant in Bridgend, Wales. They are available in Wintergreen as well as the original Peppermint flavor.

The Altoids web site is a rollicking diversion, with a musical Shockwave jam session (the "Peppermint Lounge", games you can play, and icons you can download. Visitors can win $50 in an essay contest, learn the Altoids Story, or simply be entertained by a number of snippet-length features ("Desperate Times: Personal Ads You'd Never Dare Write" or "Surreal Sites"). You can also browse a full collection of the popular advertisements.

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