These are a few of the technology and financial publications where Doug Gerlach's writing has appeared.


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As a leading expert on the topic of online investing, Doug frequently contributes articles to leading magazines, focusing on applications and sites of interest to individual investors. Doug served as Consulting Editor (Online Investing) for Time Inc.'s Mutual Funds Magazine from 2000 until the magazine ceased publication in 2002. The following is a sampling of Doug's articles from publications and web sites.

      "Lead the Parade: Inviting Friends To Invest" Better Investing Magazine, February 2003.

      "When the Wrong Member Joins Your Club" Better Investing Magazine, May 2002.

      " Finding New Club Members" Better Investing Magazine, April 2002.

      "The Truth About Finding and Choosing An Online Broker," BITS, September 2001.

      "Stocks, No Broker" Mutual Funds Magazine, July 2001.

      "Be Your Own Fund Manager" Mutual Funds Magazine, April 2001.

      "Cutting Edge Web Sites," Mutual Funds Magazine, November 2000.

      "Economics for the Rest of Us," BITS, November 2000.

      "Go Paperless: All Your Financial Accounts on One Page--Online," Mutual Funds Magazine, October 2000.

      "Still the Kings: Quicken and Money," Mutual Funds Magazine, October 2000.

      "Bank, Broker, or Both?," Mutual Funds Magazine, October 2000.

      "Keeping Score on the Stockpickers," BITS, September 2000.

      "Trading Up," PC World, May 2000.

      "Keeping Score," ZDTV's Money Machine, April 2000.

      "Is Your Mutual Fund a Sheep in Wolf's Clothing?," ZDTV's Money Machine, January 2000.

      "Get the Scoop on Insider Trading," ZDTV's Money Machine, December 1999.

      "Trading Places: The Top Online Brokers," PC World, February 1999.

      "The Complete Guide to Investing With Your PC," PC World, May 1998.

      "Instant Gurus," Individual Investor, February 1998.

      "Liftoff!," Individual Investor, July 1997.

      "Small Wonders," Individual Investor, May 1997.

      "Stock Study of Modine Manufacturing," BITS, April 1996.

      "Investor's Toolkit Study of X-Rite, Inc.," BITS, Winter 1996.

      "How Investors Are Turning to Online Brokers," BITS, December 1995.

      "Investing Resources Available on the Internet," BITS, Summer 1995.

      "Diebold, Inc. Makes Money on ATMs: Stock Study Using Take $tock Software," BITS, May 1995.

      "Whirlpool Corporation: "Stodgy" Company Offers Good Growth Potential: Stock Study Using Investor's Toolkit Software," BITS, March 1995.

Doug's articles have also appeared in Computer Life (now defunct) and Better Investing magazines.

On the Web, Doug was also a Contributing Editor to Thomson MarketEdge. He has written hundreds of articles that have appeared on financial sites such as NetStock Direct, Tech TV, iVillage MoneyLife, Investorama, and Armchair Millionaire.


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