Doug Gerlach appearing on Yahoo! FinanceVision, discussing online investing and personal finance topics.


Online Appearances

Doug Gerlach is frequently interviewed by print publications, on radio programs, and on television shows. He has appeared on CNN Airport News, Extra Help Channel's "In The Money," CNNfn's "Digital Jam," "NBC - Good Morning Honolulu," NPR's "Marketplace," and Broadcast America's "Computer Daze with Guy Kemp." He is also a recurring guest on the Tech TV network's "The Money Machine" and Yahoo! FinanceVision.

In addition, Doug has appeared in magazines and newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, ComputerWorld, Business Week, HomePC, Barron's, New York Magazine, Los Angeles Business Review, Fidelity Focus, Women First, The New York Times, Money, Your Money, Online Investor, and The St. Petersburg Times, among many other publications.

The following are some of Doug's television and webcast appearances that are accessible on the Web:

    » Yahoo! FinanceVision, The Best Ways to Save Money for Your Kid's Future(10 min). Find out the best new types of programs that will actually pay for you to put money away for your childrens' college education. (April 25, 2001)

    » Yahoo! FinanceVision, How to Avoid Getting Mauled in a Bear Market - (9 min). When the markets start growling, where do you want to be? Doug Gerlach tells you the best sites to navigate when the markets go down. (March 28, 2001)

    » Yahoo! FinanceVision, Several Heads Are Better Than One: Team Investing - (10 min). Douglas Gerlach explains the benefits of team investing, especially when there's an algorithm involved. (January 31, 2001)

    » Yahoo! FinanceVision, How To Give Without Giving Up Too Much - (9 min). Doug Gerlach explains how investors can donate money to charity, while minimizing capital gains taxes at the same time. (November 29, 2000)

    » Yahoo! FinanceVision, Searching to Diversify? Look Overseas - (8 min). Doug Gerlach explains the risks and rewards of investing overseas. (October 25, 2000)

    » Yahoo! FinanceVision, Examining Online Investment Sites - (9 min). Doug Gerlach tells investors where to find the best analyst tracking sites and what's new in the world of online investing. (September 27, 2000)

    » Tech TV Money Machine, Be Your Own Mutual Fund Manager - Doug Gerlach reports on a new online service that hopes to combine the best of stocks and mutual funds. (August 9, 2000)

    » Tech TV Money Machine, Keeping Score - Doug Gerlach discusses how investors often choose stocks favored by expert stockpickers, and how there is a new website that tells you which experts are right. (April 18, 2000)

    » Tech TV Money Machine, Invest for the Long Term on a Shoestring - Doug Gerlach describes two new online tools allow buy-and-hold investors to do their thing on the cheap. (January 25, 2000)

    » Tech TV Money Machine, Is Your Mutual Fund a Sheep in Wolf's Clothing? - Doug Gerlach unearths a new comparison tool lets you easily find out if funds are what they say they are, be it small-cap or otherwise. (January 4, 2000)

    » Tech TV Money Machine, Get the Scoop on Insider Trading - Doug Gerlach teaches how to to follow executives' moves to get a piece of the action. (December 3, 1999)

    » Tech TV Money Machine, Economics for the Rest of Us - Doug Gerlach explains how the Dismal Scientist website can help investors understand complex concepts. (November 24, 1999)

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